Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Beauty Firsts TAG

Okay, I'm definitely on a bit of a roll with these TAGs... but I just really enjoy reading other people's answers, and it turns out filling them out is just as fun! Here is the My Beauty Firsts TAG :)
PS. The flowers aren't related, but the weather is so beautiful that I thought they were perfectly suited!

1.     What’s your earliest beauty memory?
Bright blue Miss Sporty eye shadow and bright rep lipstick for dance shows (I answered a similar question in The 90s TAG)

2.     What was your first beauty purchase?
Gold lipstick from Superdrug! I was so excited – it had huge chunks of gold glitter in it!

3.     When did you first wear makeup?
Probably for a school disco or something, my look definitely included lots of glitter though!

4.     What was your first beauty disaster?
Okay, let’s not beat around the bush: I am a hairy gal. So, I have these little sideburns that I tried to wax (yep, wax) off, and it all turned into a huge sticky mess... when that didn’t work, I tried to use a hair remover, and long story short, it was a disaster. They grew back even worse, and now they’re even more noticeable (apparently they’re not bad, but I’m only just learning to accept that!). Anyway, it was a learning curve to say the least!

5.     Who was your first beauty crush?
Audrey Hepburn has always been an idol of mine, but I think maybe my first beauty crush was probably Faye from Steps! I had a video where she taught me how to pull off wearing a bindi…

Faye, killin' it!
6.     What was your first brand crush?
Definitely Rimmel!

7.     What’s your long-standing beauty love?
Rimmel kohl eyeliners and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (translucent) will always hold special places in my heart!

Bonus: I thought I'd also throw in the questions from the Why Do You Wear Makeup TAG, so here they are tacked on to the end!

8.   When did you begin loving makeup?
I've always had an interest in makeup, as my mum has always had beautiful high-end makeup products that looked very exciting, but I didn't start really loving it until I was about 15/16 (excluding the heavy black eyeliner years, they were a bad time for everyone) 

9.     How do you feel without makeup?
As much as I love makeup, I'm not a fan of wearing it when I don't have to, like around the house or on a quick trip out, but I'll admit that I feel more comfortable if I have just the tiniest amount on (I'm talking a bit of concealer and a quick coat of mascara). 

10.     What do you like about makeup?
I just love how much you can do with it! There is literally something for everyone - from tinted moisturisers for those who just want to enhance their complexion, to extravagant palettes that are used to create the most stunning and intricate looks.

11.     Three Holy Grail items?
Maybelline - The Eraser Eye 
Mac Gel Liner in Dipdown
Benefit Hervana Blush

I hope you've enjoyed having a look at my beauty firsts, I've loved reminiscing! What were your beauty firsts, and why do you wear makeup?? You're all tagged! Thanks for reading :)

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