Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Summer Haul!

Hello! Hope you've all had a great week and have some fun things in store for the weekend! If you're lucky enough to have brilliant sunshine outside, then get out there and enjoy it, and if not ... here is my very first haul! These are a few things that I've bought (and have been loving) over the last few weeks.. .clothes, shoes, and even some beauty bits! Hope you like it! :)

Nike Flywires - £35 (I think)

I'd had my eye on some black and white Nike trainers for a while, but all the ones I seemed to find were a little (a lot) out of my price range...but then I stumbled across these in a Nike store, and it was fate! The first pair I picked up were in my size, and from the moment I put them on I know I needed them. They've been super comfy-I wore to travel on a recent holiday, they're so easy for everyday use because you can just throw them on. Okay, admittedly I'm yet to use them for actual exercise, but let's just brush past that minor issue... I don't want to get them dirty, after all!

River Island Shorts - £20

I've never really been a shorts person as I'm not a massive fan of my legs, but lately I've become a bit more confident in showing the ol' pins off, and what better way to do so than in some adorable shorts?! I just love the print on these-it's jazzy, but not too loud, and I think they'll look super cute on holiday with just a tank top. 

Topshop/Dorothy Perkins Dresses

I think it's safe to say that I have spent a huuuuge amount of the last few months scouring the internet in search of a graduation dress for this summer, as well as a dress for the graduation ball a few days later. I finally stumbled across these three beauties (a girl's gotta have choice, right?) in none other than the sale racks! As all of these were in the sale, they're not available online anymore (which is a shame because they're beautiful) so I'll insert my own pictures of them. The first two are from Topshop (cream and mint), and were both £25 down from £46 and £48, and the third (pink) is from Dorothy Perkins and was, wait for it...£15! As soon as I put this one on I felt I was in an Audrey Hepburn movie, it's just such a lovely classic style. I can't wait to put these on for real and feel all fancy! I'll be wearing them with my Miss Selfridge heels (£39), which I bought a while ago for another ball, so I'll insert of a picture below because I love them so much :)

H&M Scarf - £7.99
I'm a very scarfy person; I think I went through a stage last year of wearing a scarf every single day (yep, even a light one in summer). I'm not a big fan of just wearing a tank top on it's own, so I really wanted (yet another) summer scarf that I could throw on over the top. This one from H&M is perfect-it's light, soft, and has a kick ass tiger on it (without looking Ed Hardy-esque). I didn't think this was in the sale, but I can't seem to find it online so it might not be available anymore :(

H&M Workout Gear - £14.99/£7.99
This top
These shorts
Disclaimer: I haven't actually run or worked out in these yet, but I have tried them on a jogged on the spot and they are really comfy! The shorts (£14.99) have stretchy inside bit that is so comfy and doesn't ride up, and then a baggier outer-short bit, which is so nice if you don't feel comfortable strutting about in tiny lycra shorts on their own (does anyone?!). I love having colourful workout gear because it makes me feel sassy, so I just couldn't resist these shorts, and then I think the top is supposed to match it because it has orange stitching, so I couldn't not, right? 

George at Asda (just in general, plus some actual purchases)
It's not secret that supermarkets do some really great clothes (well, it shouldn't be anyway!), so on a recent trip to Asda (very exciting for me, living in the middle of nowhere) I was looking forward to checking out the clothes George had to offer-and it wasn't disappointed! There were soooo many great things, but I settled on just a few. Of course, I also had to make the most of their offer on underwear, but you don't wanna see those! Anyway... the next three items were all bought from Asda!

Moda Polka Dot Shirt - £14

I loved this shirt the second I saw it. It's not a style I usually go for, as I don't think shirts suit me, but this looks girly and pretty, and it so easy to just chuck on with a pair of jeans! It's also super comfy and lightweight, perfect for the summer months. The colour of this is much more vibrant in real life, a lovely corally shade. 

 G21 Denim Shorts - £14

These shorts are adorable, I can't get enough of them. I know there are a few high street stores selling similar shorts, but these were only £14, and you can't knock them for anything-they're the perfect fit, really comfy, the denim is soft so it doesn't feel stiff, and the little flowers are cute as hell

Chelsea Ankle Boots - £16

After seeing the likes of Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup and Tanya Burr wearing taupe-y coloured boots, I've been really wanting some for a while. When I came across these for only £16, I couldn't resist. They don't have a heel, so they're a bit more casual, but I still feel like they pull an outfit together-plus the colour seems to go with everything, and is a bit more summery than black.

Topshop Ripped Stone Wash Jamie Jeans - £40 

I've really wanted a pair of ripped jeans for a while, and I just love the new style of rips (straight line across the knee) that is about at the moment. I was so disappointed when I first tried on the Topshop Jamie jeans in the 30" leg, because the rips were too far above my knees. So I ordered them in a 32", and the rips were half way down my shins! Gutted because the rest of the fit was too perfect to forget about, I went back to Topshop and picked up a pair in the 32" leg again-the rips were so much higher on this pair! I tried them on and they fitted perfectly, rips and all - it must have just been a dud pairs that I first bought, so I'd say to definitely try these on before buying, or at least measure them against yourself to see where the rips fall! I tried out quite a few of the Topshop jeans over the years, but these are already my favourite-they're just so darn comfy!

Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara - £22

This next one was a cheeky airport purchase, so I got it for €28 (INSERT POUNDS) in Duty Free. I'm a bit fickle when it comes to mascara, I tend to change up which one I use quite regularly, and always seem to be on the hunt for another one! But since buying this a few weeks ago, I've not used anything else! I love the conical shape of the wand, as it means you can get in to both corners on the eye, and lightly coat the boat lashes, too. Perfection.
Olive Oil Soap
Okay, so this one is a little bit different, but I just has to include it because it's just that good! This is n olive oil soap, and I bought it whilst in Zakynthos last month, from a little olive oil factory, for I think €2. It doesn't really have a smell and it's not very glamorous, but it has done absolute wonders for my skin! I use exfoliating gloves and rub the soap in my hands for a little bit so that it gets onto the gloves, and then get to work! It's really moisturising and great for eczema (I get stress-ema, as I like to call it, but that hasn't returned since using this... TMI?!). But my favourite thing about this soap? When I take the scrubby gloves off, my hands are THE softest things, maybe ever! I really recommend that if you are ever in Greece or you come across a similar thing elsewhere, and especially if it's as cheap as €2, buy it! No one really wants to see a picture of my used soap, so I'll spare you that :)

Super Beauty Raspberry and Cranberry Body Scrub - £4.99

*inhales scent* Ahh, give me a minute... Okay, I'm back - this stuff smells incredible! I picked this up randomly in TK Maxx because I love berry scents, sniffed it, and literally ran straight off to find my mum (she was in the shop, I didn't steal it) and made her smell it! It's sooo good!! I think it was supposed to be about £4.99 or something, but it was reduced to £2.50. I've googled it and it is available at Boots, so you can bet your bottom dollar that the next time I'm in Boots (probably very soon-can't stay away!) I'll be picking up more from Super Beauty!

St Tropez Self Tan Express - £33

This tan is amazing - the best self tan I have ever used! I was looking for something that I could use in preparation for my graduation, that wouldn't be sweated off (TMI again?) and leave a stain on my very light dress, and would also last for a few days to cover the graduation ball, too. This ticks those boxes and more! The guide colour means that it is pretty much fool proof; just rub it on using a mitt, wait for it to try before getting dresses (not long at all), and wait for either one, two or three hours before washing it off. I left mine on for just over two hours - mainly because I forgot - but it has left me with such a nice colour, and you can get away with being as tanned as you like in summer :) I applied it about four days ago, and the tan still looks really lovely - it's important to keep moisturised though, because that helps to maintain it. Which leads me on to my next new purchase...

The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Butter - £13

I'm going to have to take another minute to smell this! So, so, so good!! I bought this yesterday, and I've already used a fair amount because I just can't get enough! What I really love though, is that I moisturised, put leggings on and went about my day, and then when I got changed later on my legs were still so moisturised - amazing! Even if you don't want to buy this (but you should) then you should definitely pop into The Body Shop and give it a whiff!

Amazon Kindle - £49
As you'll know if you've read my post A few good reads, I love to read, and I never thought I would need a Kindle because I not only love buying printed books, but I also often use the Kindle app on my iPad mini. I read in bed every night, but lately (well, for a very long time) I've been falling asleep without putting my bookmark back, which is just the most annoying thing when I come to reading the next night. So, when I saw this Kindle in Sainsbury's for only £49, I couldn't resist! I've not actually had a chance to use it yet as I'm finishing off another book, but I can't wait to use - a few books I've downloaded that are next on my list to read are Paper Towns by John Green, and Caitlyn Moran's How to Be a Woman. Let me know if you've read any good ones lately or have bought any on Kindle :) 

I hope you've enjoyed my very first haul! No doubt I'll be doing some more shopping in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for another one :) Thanks for reading (sorry it's so long!)

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