Sunday, 20 July 2014

How a Sunday Should Be

Good evening! As you probably already know, today is Sunday, and it was a very typical Sunday indeed for me. So, I thought I would share with you what exactly a typical Sunday for me entails (have I said Sunday enough times yet? Sunday). Enjoy!

I started out by playing with all six dogs and my family outside in the garden - and Harper found a new place to sit, on top of the hedge!

Then I tried out a new face mask, and reviewed it in my last post!

These two were very, very sleepy (and still are!) so I sat and cuddled them for a little (long) while.

Leftovers in a bap = perfection!

Little Harper helped me write a few blog posts, very kind of her!

Peppermint tea in my new mug...

...whilst watching Mary Poppins and cuddling the pups, is there anything better?

And that's pretty much a typical Sunday for me - blogging, puppies and tea! What have you done today? Do you love a good lazy Sunday, or do you prefer to get out there and do something exciting? Thanks for reading :)

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