Sunday, 20 July 2014

10 Little Secrets TAG

I need all of these beautiful things in my life
Hello again! Hope you've all had a lovely Sunday, whatever you've been up to :) 10 Little Secrets is one of my favourite tags to read, so I hope you enjoy reading mine, too!

1.     What is one beauty product that makes you feel a million dollars?
Weirdly, I think it’s wearing a dark, vampy red lip colour! It just seems to suit me more than any other lipsticks, and it makes me feel all sexy and glamorous. 

2.     What is your skin care secret? A passed down skincare tip?
Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! My mum has always encouraged this, and I’m so glad she did – I always seem to be complimented on my baby soft skin!

3.     Share your haircare secret.
I don’t think I really have one… My one thing (which technically isn’t haircare but is hair-related) is to always have a hair band on hand! I find that if I’m stressed or anxious, or I get too hot, just whacking my hair up (usually into a pineapple bun) makes me feel a million times better!

4.     What is your biggest diet rule?
I’m pretty poor at dieting, if I’m honest! My boyfriend always mocks me because I’m so rubbish at sticking to my diets – I either have to commit whole heartedly and not eat any rubbish, or it just doesn’t lack because I’m such a snack fiend.

5.     Any workout tips?
Get a good workout app or have a routine to follow, especially if you’re new to it – I find that following a set of steps or a programme helps you to feel motivated and less lost!

6.     What perfume is your secret weapon?
J-Lo! I got it as a gift, and whenever I wear it I have people telling me how lovely it smells, and they’re always surprised when I say that it’s J-Lo’s brand!

7.     A piece of clothing that turns heads.
I was umming and ahhing with this question for quite some time, but I think I've finally decided on the Dorothy Perkins dress I wore to a ball earlier in the year - it has such a lovely simple pattern on it, and I think the neckline is really flattering and classy (who doesn't love a bit of shoulder action!)

8.     What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?
This past year I've been given several pieces of jewellery that I treasure an awful lot, as they are all very special to me and were given to me by my favourite people. I'm going to cheat and list a few, sorry: wolf-pendant necklace (boyfriend), Michael Kors watch (parents); Tiffany necklace (siblings); amethyst  bracelet (boyfriend); engraved Pandora ring (bestest friends); and the Pandora my parents gave me at graduation!
9. Who is your style crush?
I've been watching a lot (like, a lot) of Gossip Girl recently, and I've found myself wishing I could pull of dressing like Blaire - she's just so classy and adorable!

10. Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I've recently discovered epilating, and it has changed my life!!

Once again, you're all tagged! Thanks for reading :)

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